Sonder IT is dedicated to assisting clients to establish, maintain and optimise the efficiency of the information technology and information management systems needed to build value for their business.

Sonder IT has been successfully delivering IT solutions to the medical and small business sector since 2008, with 4 offices located state-wide.

Our consulting team will work with you to cater to all your information technology requirements, designing a solution that is tailored to deliver outcomes specific to your business. Our Adelaide-based technicians provide premium on-site and remote IT support services as well as IT procurement, network services, cloud services, Office 365 migration and security.

Sonder IT is proud to be a division of Sonder, a not-for-profit organisation that has been delivering integrated community health services across metropolitan Adelaide for 25 years. Sonder is one of the leading and largest providers of high quality mental health services available to the community. Additionally, Sonder delivers a range of integrated community health services including employment support and Aboriginal health.

Sonder is committed to improving the patient journey through integrated and coordinated care to ensure clients are able to access multiple services types to address their requirements.

Take comfort in knowing that your business is investing in a values-based organisation, dedicated to uplifting the local community.

To find out more, visit www.sonder.net.au

Some of the key factors that differentiate us from our competitors include:

  • CUSTOMER FOCUSED – We take pride in listening to our clients. Our team is in constant contact with our customers to ensure that we deliver on every aspect of our commitment
  • CUTTING EDGE TOOLS – We believe in investing in our “tools of the trade”. Our company has made significant investments in the most advanced tools that enable us to deliver in the most demanding environments.
  • RESOURCES TO DELIVER – No matter how big or small the project, we deliver on time and within budget. Every time.
  • CONSTANTLY EVOLVING – We are constantly researching new and emerging technologies to better serve our clients.
  • PROCESS ORIENTED – We are a process oriented organisation. This ensures prompt and high quality delivery from simple helpdesk tasks to complex multi vendor projects with strict timeframes.
  • ESTABLISHED BUSINESS – We have been delivering IT services since 2008 with 4 offices, state-wide.
  • Tailored IT Support
  • IT Procurement
  • Network Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Security



Our Adelaide-based technicians provide premium on-site and remote IT support

Always There For You

Our friendly team deliver Helpdesk support to keep your staff productive as well as sever and back-end support.

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We offer a range of services including IT procurement, network services, cloud services, security

Taking Care of Business

Get in touch with our team today to discuss how our IT solutions can help your business to excel.

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Businesses today are challenged with the need for IT services to be available to a mobile workforce protecting against cyber attacks.


We have the experience and expertise to keep your IT services available and your systems secure.

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